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Wave Goodbye to Bad Bacteria, Say Hello to Better Air

“We all know that outdoor air quality causes massive health problems. What about indoor air? The same applies. You’ve heard of Sick Building Syndrome. And doubtless you’ve felt tired or listless in an office, other public space or even at home. Or you may have allergies or asthma, meaning purity of air is vital.

Our modern buildings, often sealed off from fresh air, allow bad bacteria to multiply, leading to illness, bad smells, moulds, and allergens. But what can be done about it? Filter the air, add chemicals to it or condition it? Is that still the best way to combat the cause of the problem?IMG_3009

At Better Air we think not. You’ve heard of adding probiotics to your digestive system, by eating yoghurts like Actimel or Yakult, or in tablet form. A simple and effective idea, the good probiotic bacteria drive out the harmful bad bacteria.

Now you can do the same with air. Here’s a simple way to improve your air quality, by injecting good probiotic bacteria into your indoor space as a mist. The misters are either handheld pumps, or an electronic version.

The good bacteria get into every nook and cranny, literally. They cover all surfaces, invisibly. They occupy the bad bacteria’s living space, and with nowhere to live or multiply, they die out. Goodbye mould, bad odours, allergens.

The mist is totally safe. Pure water and tiny quantities of probiotic bacteria. Colourless. Odourless. No preservatives, no chemicals. A 100% green solution to a worsening problem.

How do we know it works? Solid scientific research proves it. You can read more at www.better-air.org.uk

And testimonials from satisfied customers. Here are two.

From the Sisley family in New York, concerned about dust mites and mould.

“I have been using Better Air products since May 2014. We love it…the best I have purchased for air purification”

From Thomas Lee in Hong Kong, whose son Paul has asthma.
“So grateful for Better Air. We have tried many alternative treatments and nothing worked.  2 weeks ago he has stopped his medications and has not used it since. His general mood and vitality increases”

Perhaps the best thing about Better Air’s BioZone Probiotics™ is it removes the need for chemicals to combat bacteria. Recently much has been made of microbial resistance to chemicals. They don’t work as well as they used to. Many people are reluctant to allow any chemical based products into their homes, precisely because of worries about their ineffectiveness, and adverse allergic reactions.

With Better Air, no concern is necessary. No chemicals are used. No allergic reactions to worry about. Just better indoor air. Read more about the product and the science at www.better-air.org.uk or contact our authorised reseller www.healthy-house.co.uk for expert guidance on which product to buy, and how and when to use it.

Better Air is suitable for any indoor environment. Use electronic version BA-008 safely in your home, or workplace, or use the travel sprays for hotels, trains, planes, or your car.”

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Santa Claus and his Portable North Pole Console are Back

The elves at Portable North Pole
have announced that Santa’s famous free video message is expected to pass 100M views worldwide in 2014. For its seventh edition, the personalised video messages from Santa will offer free mobile app experiences! We’re also introducing a new package, the Unlimited Holiday Pass, for limitless access to Santa Premium video messages and personalised phone calls.

Dear friend of Santa Claus,

We’re very busy here in Santa’s Village crafting gifts for children and preparing for Christmas. Still, I couldn’t wait to share the scoop on the exciting new features the PNP ­ Portable North Pole team has made for you this year.

Remember how the PNP console connects Santa to every home worldwide (over 180 countries connect to PNP every Christmas) delivering joy to children everywhere with a personalised video message from Santa? Well, it’s back for a 7th season and, wow, it’s more magical than ever!

First, here’s some big news I’m thrilled to share: the PNP experience is now FREE FOR EVERYONE. As a special gift to Santa’s fans, personalised video messages prepared on the web or from a mobile device are both free.

pnp2013_img_hor_santasVillage_10Available on Apple and Android devices, our improved app gives you free access to the Basic video message along with surprises in the kids section. What a fun way to experience the magic of Christmas!

On the web, you’ll access the free video message, including funny footage of the elves as they get in trouble doing their daily chores. The new verdict machine, a technical wonder operated by a pedalling elf, keeps kids riveted in suspense until they learn if they’re on the naughty or nice list.

The return of our Premium video messages takes the magic even further. For a small fee, you can upload up to 5 different pictures with access to more unique audio and video options

than ever before. With 3 different storylines to choose from, it’s the best way to ensure that each child around you receives a truly special experience!

For busy fans, we’ve made things extra simple with the Unlimited Holiday Pass. For a single price, Santa’s biggest fans can create as many Premium video messages as they want, receive unlimited phone calls from Santa, unlock a special Christmas Eve video message and easily synchronise all their messages between their web and mobile devices.

Also, in the true spirit of Christmas, the PNP team will donate 5% of all web sales to Children’s Hospital foundations across the world.

See why I’m so excited about Christmas 2014? Our website now has plenty of Christmas stories you can read to the kids you love, so come and visit us very soon at http://www.portablenorthpole.com


Your friend Sanoma, Chielf Postationist Elf

About Portable North Pole and UGroupMedia



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MyCloudtag fitness app launches on Android and iOS with new features!

With literally hundreds of fitness apps in the App Store, knowing which one to choose can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re seeking a product that is comprehensive enough to tackle all aspects of fitness – from weight loss to body-building, strength to professional sports training.

CloudTag, the company behind the new mycloudtag fitness app just launched on Android and updated for iOS, was formed by sports and fitness industry professionals with decades of experience behind them.MyCloudTag screenshot

Not content with the fitness Apps being produced, they worked with a team of expert developers to create mycloudag as a product to suit all purposes, incorporating training programmes, expert video and voice guidance that can be used at home or in the gym. They also made sure that proper technique came top of their list, ensuring that mycloudtag users always workout safely while maximizing the efficiency of each session.

Completely free to download, the new mycloudtag app will revolutionise how you monitor yourself whilst you workout in all types of setting. The app provides an incredible array of personally constructed workouts so you’ll never be bored doing the same exercises again and again. What’s more, the fitter you become, you more you unlock premium content to enable you to try out fitness routines without having to pay the usual costs associated with upgrading.

Choose from a number of health and fitness categories to support you on your fitness journey:

✓Get fitter and leaner – Check out the HIIT Full Body and Max Effort Workouts

✓Lose weight – Check out the 4 week Weight Loss programme or the Total Body Circuit Workout

✓Improve your health – Check out the Better Back Intermediate programme or the Strength and Mobility Workout

Download the latest update of mycloudtag to access brand new programmes based on your health and fitness goals.

Mygoals, mylife, mytrainer, mycloudtag

Check out mycloudtag in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q9O8G4f4Ys

List of Key Features:

Feature #1                           Designed to utilise the M7 chip, integrating step calculation

Feature #2                           New re-design for IOS 8

Feature #3                           Expert video, still and voice over guidance and instruction

Feature #4                           Use in the gym or at home, indoors or outdoors

Feature #5                           Keep connected with your social network whilst working out

Feature #6                           Schedules your workouts

Feature #7                           Workout options with and without equipment

Feature #8                           Pick your workout programme to meet your fitness goal

New programs and workouts added to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Andy Jackson, CEO, commented “The initial response to mycloudtag has been fantastic in terms of downloads and feedback, and we are very pleased to have incorporated user’s comments to improve the App since its launch. Releasing the App on the Android platform makes the App available to a significantly greater number of devices.”

For further information please visit our website at: www.cloudtag.com or search for mycloudtag on the App store.


Development Team Behind Donkey Kong and XBox Kinect Unveils Consumer Fitness App

MyCloudtag Brings Gaming DNA to New Fitness App; Debuts in US and UK iTunes Stores

LONDON, 17th June – Cloudtag, a company dedicated to delivering fitness and wellness products for consumers, today announced the public availability of the company’s free iPhone fitness app, MyCloudtag. The development of MyCloudtag was a collaboration by the team instrumental in creating Donkey Kong and the Xbox Kinect, Preciousbluedot; the Moon Regan Antarctic expedition team; and Cloudtag.

The MyCloudtag app brings gaming DNA to fitness apps by reorienting how people interact with these apps. Rather than tracking activity and delivering data on how many calories burned or distance walked or pace per mile, MyCloudtag directly rewards users by giving points or “stars” for completed programs. The fitness and wellness programs are set up like journeys or paths that need to be completed to get to the next level in the app. Each level that is completed gives the user points that can then be used to unlock additional content – videos, instruction, harder programs, for example.Workout screens

“We recognize that there are a lot of fitness and workout apps on the market today, but all of these apps take the same approach – they track, monitor, deliver data, but they don’t tell you how to fix problems,” said Andy Jackson, CEO, Cloudtag. “We took our experiences with technology under extreme conditions and combined them with our gaming background to create an intelligent, engaging fitness app that works with people to help change behaviors and lead a healthier life.”

By injecting gaming elements into how people travel through a workout, MyCloudtag is goal oriented. The app allows users to auto-calendar their workouts and track their progress. Currently, the app includes specific exercises that promote weight loss and general fitness. There are also programs for more advanced fitness levels through the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, as well as programs that address specific problems like back pain with tailored exercises.

In addition to the exercise program, the experience within the app is personal and customizable. MyCloudtag pulls from the phone’s social media, photos and music and displays it as part of the app to help motivate people in a personal way while working out.

For more information or to download the app visit www.cloudtag.com.

About Cloudtag

MyCloudTag, a fitness app, is a collaboration by the development team instrumental in creating Donkey Kong and the Xbox Kinect, Preciousbluedot; the Moon Regan Antarctic expedition team; and Cloudtag, a company dedicated to delivering fitness and wellbeing products for consumers. MyCloudtag is available in the US and UK iTunes store and is focused on increasing the fitness levels and wellbeing of consumers. MyCloudtag has some of the leading fitness trainers contributing to the content of the app. The MyCloudtag app includes specific exercises that promote weight loss and general fitness programs, as well as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and programs that address specific problems like back pain with tailored exercises. To download MyCloudtag visit the iTunes store or go to www.cloudtag.com.


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