LazyTown Huge Success in Mexico!

LazyTown took Mexico by storm when Magnus Scheving made an appearance in Mexico City to promote a new, world first initiative between the Washington Apple Commission, California Grapes, USA Pears and the US Department of Agriculture. The primary goal of the promotion was to increase consumption of fruits amongst kids in Mexico, the highest childhood obesity country in the world. This was the first time two governments collaborated on a kids health program, with USDA and Salud (Minister of health of Mexico). WAC shipped 66,500,000 apples during the promotion! Now LazyTown are working with the USDA on other potential markets with a similar concept.
The ‘Dulces Sanos’ (SportsCandy) campaign has been supported by Mexico’s Department of Health and all the key grocery retailers in the country who have committed to helping children to eat more fruit.  WAC saw a 29% increase on exports of apples in to Mexico during promotion  – the highest export in November in the last 7 years!
Dulce Sanos also gave away thousand of tickets to kids for an exclusive LIVE Show event on Nov 28 in Mexico City. Magnus Scheving, LazyTown’s creator and star, appeared on TV and in no less than fourteen publications. The publicity campaign received over 37 million impressions.  A local Sportacus actor appeared at over 50 retail stores throughout the country during the 4 week promotion.
While in Mexico, Magnus also appeared at Sports World, a high quality family friendly gym chain, to launch the LazyTown Sports Club there. Over 2,000 people and twenty media outlets attended the event. Sports World have the exclusive to provide LazyTown branded Sports Clubs to children in all their gyms. This is fantastic news for Mexican children who will now have access to a sports club aimed specifically at them. The Sports Club concept is unique to LazyTown and is proving popular in the UK where it was first launched. Other territories are currently being sought to trial this amazing fitness program for children.

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